Notes for Copyright: Confusion? Concern? Comprehension!

Join us! Shared notes for Copyright: Confusion? Concern? Comprehension!

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About Molly Keener

I'm the Scholarly Communication Librarian at the Z. Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University. In my role, I support faculty, students, and stuff in understanding changes in the scholarly publishing system, funder compliance for sharing scholarship, and navigating copyright and author rights.

2 Responses to Notes for Copyright: Confusion? Concern? Comprehension!

  1. Patrick Reed says:

    Hello Molly – Sincere thanks for your insights during your That Camp session into questions about fair use of the short video clips from popular culture that I have been inserting into PP slides in recent years. At Northern VA Community College, where I taught from 1972-2015, no concerns had been raised about my use of video in the classroom. In fact in 2012, I was recognized with a “Chancellor’s Commonwealth Professorship”, one of three awarded statewide, giving me release time and funding to expand my work on the project, which has been the most successful innovation in my career in tapping into students’ background knowledge, exploiting their visual learning abilities, and helping them become more discriminating consumers of both popular and historical sources. Wake Tech’s desire that our videos be captioned has me moving my clips to YouTube, but a support staffer at Wake is uncertain about fair use guidelines and is reticent about helping with captioning. You may recall that many of my clips are excerpted from material already posted on YouTube by others, and I believe your feeling was that as long as such excerpts were pedagogically defensible, and that sources were identified, they were almost certainly fairly used in our non-profit, educational settings. Would you be willing to answer questions from the support staffer referenced above? If so, I will put him in touch with you.
    Again, I appreciate your willingness to share your expertise in this matter.
    Patrick Reed,
    Adjunct in History and Humanities, Wake Tech Community College

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